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The Antlers

The Antlers – French Exit

So, The Antlers are back after releasing my personal 2009 favorite, Hospice (BUY IT), with a new album entitled Burst Apart. It’s out May 10th, but you can pre-order it in a number of different formats here.

02 French Exit


AEROPSIA – Almost Spring

So, we get a lot of emails from people to cover them, but this one stuck out. Our friend Dane sent us some gold and I promise you this will not fall short. In his email, this really described it best: “this project was born from the snow filling my vision and my life with a dream like haze. I have had this as long as I can remember, even before the use of psychedelic drugs (it’s even more ridiculous on psychedelic drugs).”

Well. Rage, dude.

Enjoy and download below.

AEROPSIA – almost spring [mixtape]


Niva – Lost Patience

Here’s the project of Christian Niva hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. This track is so catchy, I can’t stop listening to it. As for the rest of the album, Feverish Dreams, it’s just as good. Grab it here.

03 Lost Patience


Interpol – Try it on (Salem Remix)

I remember sitting in high school classes drawing Interpol logos all over my notebooks. This was during the days of Turn on the Bright Lights. After the last few albums and the departure of Carlos D, I just got over them as a whole. In come “witch house” trio Salem who Interpol picked to remix this track for Record Store Day. Good call, Interpol. I can finally listen to some of your new material now. Download free here.

Interpol — Try It On (Salem Remix)