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GuMMYBeAR – Sleeping in Dubai

We’ve been watching our boy Chris Johnson AKA GuMMy†Be▲R! for quite some time now, I think it’s time you all get to know him. Here’s a track he released today from his upcoming EP titled Time. We like what we hear so far and we’re pretty confident he won’t disappoint when the EP drops this summer. Check out some of his older stuff via bandcamp (especially Oakland).

GuMMy – Sleeping In Dubai


Bon Iver – Perth

At this point, if you haven’t heard of the hottest thing in Indie Folk, Bon Iver, you are clearly missing out. They gave us the widely acclaimed For Emma, Forever Ago in 2008 and even went on to collab with Kanye. Either way, check out this track from the upcoming self titled album which you can pre-order from here.


Walkie Talkie – Fade

Damn, the rain won’t let up here in Denver but that’s not going to prevent us from posting summery goodness. Enjoy this laid back listen and be sure to hit up this link for a free download to the EP.



Pictureplane – Real is a Feeling

We’re still counting down the days until the new Pictureplane album drops. Thankfully, we now have some more details. It’s titled Thee Physical and it’s out July 19th. This track is titled after the weekly party he throws down with other local acts in Denver every Friday called “Real is a Feeling.” Meadowlark. Every friday. Be there if you live in Denver.

Real Is a Feeling