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Space Ghost – Always

Fucking, download this.

An experiment in cultural exchange and sampling, respective music collectives Astro Nautico and INNIT/Day Tripper Records have collaborated on a transpacific project which finds 7 members of Astro Nautico sampling Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” to create a track and conversely, 7 members of Japan-based INNIT flipping sounds found in the westernized version of the same film, “The Magnificent Seven”. –

Astro Nautico – Space Ghost – Always


Frank Ocean – Nature Feels

We give a lot of credit to the cleverly coined subgenre PBR&B. With acts like How to Dress Well, James Blake, The Weeknd, and Jamie Woon, we’re hearing a lot of interesting stuff coming out the genre. Odd Future is invading the hip hop world and flipping it on it’s ass right now. Frank Ocean, a member of Odd Future, fits in really nicely with the rest of the PBR&B scene. His mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra is going to be re-released on July 26th and it’s pretty hot. Keep up with him via tumblr here.

Nature Feels