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Wavves – Poor Lenore

I think one of the first songs I ever covered on Bonafide Hype was a Wavves song. That song was fucking rad and this one is no different. This EP is amazing. Hit it up now, here.

04 Poor Lenore


Com Truise – Datebar

Com Truise just randomly dropped this one on us and we can’t complain. He’s heading out to tour with Neon Indian, Purity Rings, and Chad Valley. Check him out in your city! Info on his shows here. In the meantime, enjoy this.


Glo-Fi State of Mind

Alright guys, fans of BH will hopefully already know about this, but if not, as the event nears I wanted to remind everyone about this Thursday. Yes, our first show, Glo-Fi State of Mind. We’re super excited and we hope you are too. We wanted to do a quick run down of each artist, some handpicked tracks (on the bottom of the post), and why we felt our fans would enjoy this lineup. Thank you so much to the artists, Larimer Lounge, and most importantly, you, the fans of Bonafide Hype. Check out the event details here.


Our buddy John Jagos has left us constantly wanting more ever since we first came across his stuff. With two phenomenal EPs and dozens of remixes under his belt, if you’re into chillwave or glo fi, this is the guy to keep your eyes (and ears) on.

Brothertiger – Wind at My Back – Brothertiger – Like Water


There was really no question about the addition of Flashlights. The boys of BH have had a band crush on Flashlights ever since their self-titled EP. There aren’t many bands that can create perfect harmony between dark and light moods, but they’ve nearly perfected it.

Flashlights – Holidays


EVS (Eternal Vibration Sequence) we caught at the official Battle of the Bands for Global Music Festival. Their diverse sounds are collected well for a perfect result of making every fucking person in the crowd dance their asses off. We’re thrilled to have them be apart of this.

EVS – Mothership


Right out of Denver’s legendary Rhino scene come Hollagramz. These guys are going to make the ground shake and get the crowd in a sweat infested post-sex type glow (dare I say Glo?). This is what we call Denver Dance Danse.

Hollagramz – Axis


Night Manager – Not Sure

Night Manager is a Brooklyn native surf-fi?(dumb. sorry.) outfit with all the right ideas. If you’ve followed what I submit on BH, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for distortions & drowned out vox. Layer it with Caitlin Seager’s voice and you’ve got yourself a date with a violent handjob. Sorry for not getting this post out earlier! Grab Night Manager’s new 4-track album at bandcamp for a cheap $4 NOW!

NIGHT MANAGER – – – 03 Not Sure