So Close to Midnight is Ethan & Sam’s matured sophomore EP. It’s relatively short with 5 tracks just under 20 minutes of playback, but I’ll take 5 great tracks from start to finish over 12 tracks filler and no heart. We here at Boner Hype have always gushed over these guys, with proper reason; all the womps and wobbles being shoved down your throat today with Dubstep, Brostep, whatever the hell you want to call today’s tween rave trash, it’s nice to find a breath of fresh air in some proper electronic. You can stream new tracks via soundcloud, and stay tuned for remixes from Brothertiger & Slow Magic.

PS. If you’re in Denver and haven’t seen these glamourous innamoratos live, now’s your chance:

Feb 18th @ Bar Standard

March 2nd @ Snowball Music Festival

05 Sleep Alone


Goldroom – Angeles

It’s only January but this track has me feeling like it’s summertime. Can’t wait to blast this then and in the months to come. Keep up with more Goldroom on his soundcloud here.

Goldroom – Angeles


Tours – IJS

At BH we try our hardest to post only a single track at a time. Sometimes it’s harder than you think. We stumbled upon Philly’s own Tours and the Stay EP (highly recommended) which you can grab for just $1 and had quite the hard time narrowing it down to one song. Do yourself a favor and buy the EP and give it all a listen. It’s a steal.