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Space Ghost – Always

Fucking, download this.

An experiment in cultural exchange and sampling, respective music collectives Astro Nautico and INNIT/Day Tripper Records have collaborated on a transpacific project which finds 7 members of Astro Nautico sampling Kurosawa’s “The Seven Samurai” to create a track and conversely, 7 members of Japan-based INNIT flipping sounds found in the westernized version of the same film, “The Magnificent Seven”. –

Astro Nautico – Space Ghost – Always


The Morning Benders – Hand Me Downs (Wild Nothing Remix)

Morning Benders, RAC, Wild Nothing, Star Slinger, and other guests have nobly collaborated on an EP to help tsunami victims in Japan. The EP is pay what you want (with a minimum of $5, no copout $0 you cheap asses), and it’s well worth the money. So help out some people in need, and enjoy some great remixes at the same time. CLICK FOR ALBUM

The Morning Benders-Hand Me Downs (Wild Nothing Remix)